Dear Sir,

My wife recd your medicine
and commenced taking it the 14 ult. She
has taken it regularly until this time; but
believing its effects have been such as you
did not anticipate, I have advised
her to dispense with it until she can
hear from you. It has uniformly purged
her two or three times a day in defiance
of the laudaneum which she mixes with
every dose. putting at first 5 drops according
to your prescription & increasing it to 8 or
10.- I call it purging perhaps improperly, as
she informs me the feces are not very thin
as in a lax, but only a loose evacua
tion 3 times a day. She says she does
not feel weakened by it, and it is


possible you might have intended it
to have this effect, but I infer differ-
ently from your prescription. I expect
after her bowels become settled she will
resume the use of it - in the mean
time I should like very much [unclear] to hear
from you. If you have no private
conveyance write by post and direct
to "Twyman's Store" Spotsylvania County.
I understood from [m]y wife that you
informed her she must persevere in
taking it 3 months. if so the medicine
in the bottle will not be near suf-
ficient. Query- Could not the same
medicine be purchased at the apo-
thecaries' shops? I mean the guiacum, or
is there some foreign ingredient in it?


I'll be candid enough to give my rea-
son for asking the question - but your
good sense will appreciate it and
therefore I dispense with assigning it.
My wife has taken laudaneum until
I believe her system is completely
saturated with it. It seems to have
no effect upon her. If there be any
other simple having a similar tendency
I think it would perhaps have a better
effect in counte [ra]cting looseness
with her.

Yours Respectfully

Herndon Frazer

P.S. I don't know any good effect that the
medicine has had as yet but did not expect
it so soon. My wife desires me to tell you
that she is generally in a feverish habit & has no appetite.
She expelled a desiduous membrane the last time she was
unwell, just before she commenced taking your medicine