My dear nephew,

There has been but little [unclear]
in our porr little girl since you were here [unclear]
that her strength diminishes, which must [unclear]
case while these distressing fevers prey upon her

I think her fever was higher last night [unclear]
yesterday, than it has been since we thought her
better, & the infusion of tartar emetic produces
no moisture tho I have given it every hour since
7 o'clock last night. The cough has been unu
sually troublesome since bed time last night & she
has not spit very freely, the fever remits every
day about 7 o'clock in the morning & comes on
again about that noon. She has an insatiable
appetite, & would eat all the time the fever is
at the night if we would allow her is this a
favorable or an unfavorable suggestion?
Finnella has recommenced the use of the mercur-
rial pills, & wishes to have some more.
Mr. Skinker made two ineffectual attempts to
get a gig to go for Nancy: if she will trust her
self in the stage [unclear] will defray the expence & send
myself [unclear] Wildernesss to bring her to Chesterville


[unclear] love to Sarah & your father's
family & accept the kindest regards of you


A. Hackley -

P.S. June 1st our porr little girl slept without pa-
ragoric more easily than usual, tho the cough waked
her nearly every hour. I don't think her fever was
quite so high as the night before, & she is spitting
freely this morning. The breast has been too sore to ad-
mit of renewing the blister, 'til today: I am prepar-
ing to put it on now. Please let me hear from you
by Mr. Somerville, I received intelligence from Rich-
mond this morning, of June's inprovement in health
I have not found it necessary to give any cathartic, she
has one good natural passage every night. Finnella
says did you mean for her to take more than one
pill in the [unclear] hours - She has not been entirely clear
of the pain in her side since you were her & has
a violent & acute pain in her passages when she sits,
& an uneasy weight in those parts when whe walks, or
Your Aunt