Dear Sir

I have for some time desired to consult you in
relation to the health of my wife, and intended
about this time to have accompanied her to Fredricksbg
that she might have the opportunity herself of com-
municating to you particularly the extent of her
afflictions, the weather and her indisposition however
prevents, and I therefore take the liberty of addressing
you upon the subject. about three years since
she was stricken with what is termed by Phisicians
a flooding. a Phisician was called in who gave some
powders, and directed an application of cold vinegar
this was about two months after her confinement
in child bed. Since which at her monthly periods
there has been considerable obstruction,
, She was compeled to employ a nurse for
her child in consequence of her affording no milk
herself, She has since had two miscarriages each
in the months of Feby the last about twelve months
since. after which she was advised to the use of
warm Teas and Siting over the steam of warm
water with a vessel to promote a return of the
natural occurances. Shortly after which she
was attacked with considerable sickness


the breast. attended with internal weakness. with
various most distressing sensations which it is impossible
to describe. her Phisician pronounced it Despepsia and
has tried many things recommended as a remedy.
until it is believed the tone of her stomach is injured
she complains of most distressing and uncommon feelings
in the breast and Stomach. her nerves much affected
but less acidity of the Stomach than Despeptic persons
usually complain of - If from the foregoing description
of her case you should believe it sufficiently described
to give you a proper Idea of it, and you think you
be of service to her, will be greatly obliged if you
will prescribe for her and send such medicine as you
may think proper, by my Brother who will hand
you this

Respectfully yr obt Sevt

Wm Ward

Doctr. James Carmichael,

PS Mrs. Ward is now ab' 40 years
old WW