Dr Dr

Goss has been bleeding at the nose
every morning he tells me for several past
and was again attacked soon after we left
him this morning. I have just succeeded in
measurably allaying it by pouring cold
water over his head and neck which
I was almost afraid to do as his medicine
is just operating freely - and would not
have resorted to but that I thought the
case extreme. He has bled till he has become
very chilly and cold and so completely is
he exhausted that I thought it absolutely
necessary it should be stopped if possible
before you could get here. I hope no evil
will ensue from cold. I followed him
after one of his stools and found he had
discharged a large worm and had evidently
been eating watermellon judging from
the seed. That he is filled with worms is
evident from the stools I saw. I would
wish to know whether bleeding in the arm
should be resorted to by way of checking the
nose in case it returns and whether the fact
of worms [so] alters the features of the case as
to make any severe remedies necessary

yrs very resptly

G W Bassett