Dear Sir

There is a little child here, taken about
ten days since with a breaking out of watery blisters, about
her hips, and legs, I gave her broken doses of salts and had
the sores bathed in milk and water, the first have healed
but it still continues to break out much larger and thicker
and seems to be getting over her body generally, it is now
attended with a constant fever, three days ago I gave
her a dose of Castor-Oil, and yesterday morning 2 grains
of Calomel, which operated twice, she has not had a
passage since, she is about 9 months old, and is very
much reduced. to day I am given her the mixture


you left to carry off Ann Carys fever. nothing that
I have given her seems to have been of the least service
I am at a loss now what remedy to apply

Yr.s Respectfully

S, M, Selden

the blisters when they break leave raw sores