When I wrote to you yesterday
morning, we flattered ourselves that our daugh
-ter was getting much better, but she was soon
after, again attacked with the colic, which still
continues with little intermission- These attacks
are so frequent, & so repeated, that we are filled
with great uneasiness on account of her pro-
tracted indisposition - Almost every thing
she eats, appears to disagree with her. The
remedies we have used, seem to have lost
their efficacy. I wish you would come
down in the morning & see her, when we
could more fully acquaint you with her
situation, than we can do by writing.

The boy unfortunately, yesterday broke the
phial of mixture he was bringing down. Be
so good as to send another - for she thinks
she finds greater relief from that, than from
any thing else.

I will thank Dr. Edward for some numbers
of the Albion.

I am Gentlemen

yr ob.t Ser.t

Lau: Battaile