SHIPPED in good Order and well conditioned, by GH & JS Keerl
in and upon the good schoonr called the Wm. & Susan
whereof is Master for this present voyage, James Booze
and now riding at anchor in the harbour of Baltimore, and bound for
Fredericksburg To say,

One Box One Bale one Basket and
two Jugs Moire

Dos. Carmichiel & Son
No 1 to 5

Being marked and numbered as in the Margin, and are to be delivered in the like good
Order and well conditioned, at the aforesaid port of Fredericksburg
(the dangers of the Seas only excepted) unto Drs. Carmichiel & Son
or to Their Assigns, he or they paying Freight for the said Goods.

as customary

With primage, and average accustomed. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Master or Purser of
the said Schooner hath affirmed to 3
Bills of Lading, all of this tenor and date; one of which bills being accomplished the
other 2 to stand void. Dated in Baltimore, June.6.1820

James Booze

Balto June 7, 1820

Doctrs Carmichiel & Son
enclosed you have
B & B of L.g of articles ordered in your Esteemed
favor of the 1st. the above named Schn
was the first that offered for your port [unclear]
She sails in all this week,
Remain your
Most Obt Sts
GH & JS Keerl



Balto June 6.1820
Doctrs Carmichiel & Son
Bot of GH & JS Keerl

1 Doz Sheep Skin's$6
6 " Carbon Soda box 203/22"45
10 " Gum Arabic Tk2/57"50
2 " Spts Vol Arom bot 15651"45
2 Glls Alcohol Jug 63/3/23"38
2 Gro 33 Vials [unclear]5.5011"--
2 Glls Winter Oil Jug 63/253"13
1 basket Bourdeaux Oil superior11"--
1 bundle (2 Rms) White paper7"--
2 Rms Small Blue "1.753"50
3 3/4 Doz Soda Powders Eng.6.5017"87
7 " Ungt Merc Fort (Jar 38)1.007"38
Box 1$ Dray & bill of Lading 311"31