Dear Edward

I have from time to time defered
writing contrary to my promise, for which I have
no other apology, than my unsettled State, I have
succeeded beyond my most sanguine expectations, and
from the assurance of my Friends (of which there are
not a few) I am induced to believe, that will in a
short time have as much to do, as I can possa-
bly attend to. we have but little Society here, and what
there is, is of an inferior order, they all at times amuse
themselves by playing at Marbles and Pitching. Nature
has been over bountiful, and the Inhabitans con-
sequently are verry indolent. they Live principally from
the rivers- which abound with the most delightfull
Crab, Fish and Oysters.-


Capt- Kenedy who will take command of the John Adams
on her return is extremely anxious, for me to apply
for the Place of Surgeons- Mate and go out with him
do you think it Would be advisable for me to do so?
I have not been able to Visit the Poust. for ten of fifteen
days, though I saw Mr Taylor yesterday, who inform-
=ed me they Were all Well, he has a number of Vis-
itors at Present, from Richmond & Baltimore, Present
My Best Respects to all the Family, to Bramham-
Hamilton & F. Patton,

I Remain your.

Sincere friend

Geo: P French