Dear Sirs

I have adheared rigidly to your prescription
in diet, taking the pills, & drinking the tea-
The colour of my urine is now natural except
when altered by fevers by which I am sometimes visited
The number of my passages averages 4 & 5 per twenty
four hours, & the consistency of them is not at
all improved - They are occasionally attended by a
little griping - My strength I think is rather
increased & my appetite tolerably good when the
inducement I have to eat is taken into consideration
The palpitation at the heart sill continues but is
not so violent nor does it occur so frequently -
I have taken the last pill this morning - From
what I have sd.. above I presume you will be able
to judge whether to continue them or what change
if any is necessary

Obt. Sert.

E. Mason Jr