Dear Sir,

I am extremely sorry that necessity com
-pels me to ask a farther indulgence of you on a
subject which you may very reasonably suppose has
already been extended beyond the usual length -
I allude to the note I gave last summer to Carmichael
& Son - A writ was served on me a few days ago for
that debt & I have now to solicit as a particular
favour that you will suspend farther proceedings
for a definite length at least,- A train of peculiarlly
unfortunate circumstances has hitherto kept me in a
state of depression & prevented my paying my debts
these circumstances I now flatter myself are now yielding
& I hope that the next two years, at farthest, will enable
me to assume an independent stand - Dr Wellford has
quitted this county and I have already located in his stand
unquestionably the best in this lower country: I need not
say that every escertion will be used to encrease and maintain
my practice; the nature of my situation will be a sufficient
stimulus - I have thus, sir, laid open to you my prospects


in order that you may see the grounds upon which I ask
a farther indulgence of you - Independent of my profession
I have no means of paying one Dollar - I will pledge
myself most sacredly to you that your debt shall
be canceled, by good paper, if not cash, within the
next eighteen months, the period within which I can
Make collections - If the suit goes on you can
attain nothing sooner, as I assure you I have not
one cent of property that can be touched; I shall
only be put to a disagreeable alternative -
Rest assured, Sir, it gives me great pain to be
compelled thus to write you, but believing as I do
that you once felt an interest for my welfare
and Knowing that my poverty can alone be taxed
I trust you will properly appreciate my motives
& grant me the indulgence req.d If so write
me by return post

Yrs Very Sincerely

E. E. Buckner