Dear [Si]r.

I called at the Shop to day to get
your Medical Account against me and understood
that you had, according to my request, brought it over
here. I expected to have met with you on My
way over, but was disappointed, and Shall not
now have an opportunity of seeing you before
I go down. Without knowing the amount of
the account, I am not entirely Sure that I could
conveniently pay it now, tho' I intended Making
an effort to do So - You will therefore be
pleased to forward it to me at Elizabeth City
(N. Carolina) and I will Make provision for
it in the course of a Short time after I get
home -

Mrs. Maury & myself offer you
our best thanks for your very kind attentions
to her, and the Children during their indispo
=sition, and I am very truly Dear Sir

Yr. Mo: ob St

Butler Maury

Doctor James Carmichael