Dr Sir's

My daughter is a little better this morning
the flushing has nearly left her she does not com
=plain so much of a sick stomach nor do I think
that her fever is quite so high as when the Doc
was here & she rested tolerable well last night.
My wife is not so well as she was on Monday
she rested badly last night has considerable fever
& pain in the head with sick stomach this morning
her bowels are not so disorded as they were on Monday
There is very little change in the girl tho I think
There is a little for the better. her fever still continue
high she complains of but little pain & has a
tolerable appetite Indeed she has a better one than
ether of the others. I shall continue to give the Medicine
as directed & I suppose you will hear from us again
in a few days

I am gentlemen your's


Wm Herndon jr