Dear Doctor

I requested F. Brooke to
call & inform you what we
thought of his mother, but as
we are uncertain whether he
has seen you or not, I think
it best to let you know some-
thing more of her situation -
She has passed a very un comfort-
able night - little or no sleep -
the greater part of the salts which
she took the morning you left
her, she threw up - She was ope-
rated on however several times -

I prevailed on her to take a pill
of ten grs calomel, the same
night, which has operated - & last
night took a dose of Laudanum -
notwithstanding she got no sleep -
she has this morning taken one dose
of the Hive Syrup, of course we can not
say what is the effect as yet - her cough


I think is not at all lessened - perhaps
a little more expectoration - the blister
has been put on, but she thinks without
benifit - I should like you to exercise
your discretion as to writing Mr. B - I
myself should like you to see her again

I am with Respt

Ed.. Berkeley