Drs. Carmichael & Son.

Gentlemen, I wrote im-
mediately to New York to ascertain from Collins
& Co. why yr. Botany should be charged higher,
than the copy for sale by Mr. Carey, & this was my

"Thy letter of 11th last was duly recd.
The Price of Woodvilles Medl. Botany is 48 dolls.
Plates not colourd. Our [price] , plates colourd., is as low
we presume as Mr. Carey or others will sell them."

Thy Friend,

Collins & Co


I find myself unable to procure a copy of
Willan on the Diseases of the skin without im-
porting it from London, and have therefore
embraced an opportunity to do this.

The price will be from eighty to a hundred
dollars. Collins & Co. have imported this book
at the price of 100$ but I expect to be able to
furnish it for less

It will probably arrive in sea-
son for me to deliver it with the last num-
bers of Bigelows Botany.

Yrs with Respect & gratitude

Isaac Gray


Rx - Cinchon [unclear]
Colombo [unclear]
C. Ferri [unclear]
Jalap [unclear]
[unclear] Elect To use it purgatif