Dear Sirs

Harry is sent to town to day for an additional
supply of the decoction, provided you propose continuing
the use of it - I have only abt. the 1/4 of a bottle left -
My bowels have been very much better for the last 5 or 6
days - during the two or three days of good weather that we had
in the beginning of the week & I was able to ride out I felt
much better - My passages now are from 3 to 4 in 24 hours
&pretty natural - but my fevers are higher than when they
were more frequent & I am very weak - perhaps the bad wea-
ther & close confinement may have a tendency to produce them-


My urine is still a source of considerable alarm & pain
to me. I have thought it best to send you some, that you
may again examine the sedimentation.
Is it best to take the decoction before or after meals
&how long?

Yrs. truly

E. Mason Jr.