My dear Sir

Knowing that you do not like to practice so
far from home I have delayed sending for you 'til dire necessity com
pels me and I hope and trust that you will not disappoint my most
ardent expectation [&] that you will hasten to my relief immediately for
much I fear that I have put off sending for you too long. I have been per
fectly well of the disease which you cured me of last May and am still
so but have been attacked ever since last winter with a Bilious Dyark
which for 2 months was not very violent but for the last 2 and ever
since I employed medical aid I have been getting considerably worse
until at this time I am reduced so low as scarcely to be able to sit up
without fainting and unless speedy relief is administered I must sink
under the disease very shortly and such is my confidence in your ski
that I think the sight of you would about cure me

Do then my dear sir delay not a minute in visiting me I should have
sent for you 4 or 5 days ago but Nobert has gone to Alexa. to look out
for a situation and has not yet returned but will certainly be at home
tomorrow to dinner by the Steam Boat and I wished him to be present
whilst you come down which will also give him great pleasure
I have also got my Physician Doct. Oldham to attend tomorrow cal
culating certainly upon your coming down that you two may confer
upon my situation. Come down to dinner and you may detain
my servant to wait upon you if you please to open the gates and
I think that I can confidently promise you as many crabs as you
can eat which are now very fat and fine as I am told for I can
not eat a mouthful scarcely of any thing indeed I have no desire or incli
nation ever to eat and scarcely to taste a drop of fluids of any kind
Supposing that good old Port or Madeira wine neither of which



are to be found these parts might be proper for me I have sent by
my servant $5 to purchase a Gallon as well as a half Bushel of dry
mealy Nova Scotia Potatoes which I think I could eat a few of. I am
sorry to ask the trouble of you but will be extremely thankful if you
[unclear] select both the Wine & Potatoes as servants are apt to be improved upon
he will hand you the money for the purpose
and now Sir I have nothing more to add but to solicit again your
aid which I am assured you will administer if possible and a strong
hope to see you here tomorrow early.
If it be impossible for you to come tomorrow let it be the next day or
tomorrow evening, your coming early however will save a smart expense
D Oldham will necessarily attend whenever you do come

With great respect & esteem

I remain Yr fr [unclear]& well wishes

Wm. F. Grymes