Dear Sir

I am truly sorry to inform you that Mr Withers
is still indisposed, he is very still feverish notwithstanding I
have administered all the Quinine, it commences about
12 O'clock and I have given from five to six doses of barks
a day, since your medicine has given out, but it has not
checked it in the least. I have been poulticing his hip
for 10 days, not as much swelled or inflamed as when you saw him
but does not appear like breaking any more than when I
first began to use the poultice, complains of no soreness
only when pressed by the hand; for 3 days passed the poultice
was composed of garden lilly roots and milk. His bowels are
aided with injections once in 24 hours, but is rather costive
the snoreing & muttering in his sleep have entirely left him
but he sleeps very soundly and I think enough, the appetite
is just as good as when you saw him and nothing disagrees
with his stomach.

Yours Respectfully

E. C. Withers

NB I have some very nice turkeys
if either of you want, let me know
and I will send them over
E. C. W.