Dear Sir!

I expect you saw my Son Charles
on his return to Port Royal on Monday week
last & that he gave you an acco.t of James's
Situation - Since then there is but little change
in him except a great lassitude produced by
the heat of the weather & the prodigious flow
of Matter - He has a fever every night. it
comes on about 5 oClock & begins to subside
about 12 at which time it is followd by
a profuse sweat that continues until day

These sweats distress him exceedingly
& he requests you to send him by W Haden
any thing that you think will relieve him
from them -

Yrs. truly

Cha Urquhart


The man who brought this
will call in the course of
an hour --- C. G.
Dr. Edward Carmichael
Dr. Ewd H Carmichael M D
1823 -- Fredericksbg