I take the liberty of requesting you to examine the enclosed
accounts & to certify your opinion respecting their reasonableness at the
bottom - the Gentleman whose name they bear, without condecending
at all to look at the items, has condemn'd them in toto & to remove
the impression which has been made upon his authority that they are
exorbitant & which is calculated to injure me with the public, I am
compell'd to submit them to the inspection of physicians for their
testimony - Feeling, as I do, that they are not only moderate but in
some particulars lower than common, I submit them with confidence
to you, with a request you will return them Certified by the bearer
Mr. Herndon (who Knows nothing of the nature of their contents)
I believe I need make no apology for troubling you with this matter
as your Sense of justice alone will be sufficient motive with you to
comply with the request

With high personal consideration I remain

your friend & obed Servant

James R. M. Conockie

Docts Carmichael & Son