Dr Doctors

I have permitted a long lapse
of time to pass without giving you an acct
of my health, hopeing to be enabled to tell you
of some material improvement; I am how
ever unable to say confidently that there is
much alteration for the better, On re=
:turning home in Nov I gave yr views
of my case a short trial. I blistered the spine
extensively, copious effusion with repeated
crops of pustules on the blistered surface
I also tried for some time the pills of zinck
& the boluses & the 2 or 3 glasses of maderia
wine: under their action my pulse was
put up to 100 my appetite & digestion not
as good as when avoiding them; During
greater part of the time since I saw you
I have used only 2 or 3 grains of Assafoetida
once or twice a day which has agreed better
with me than any other medicine, it exerting
an aperient operation on bowels & ap=
:petite & digestion good as necessary. either
this or 2 or 3 tea spoons of black mustard seed
2 times in 24 hrs which produces the same
effect on bowels: and have maintained


increased action & excitement along the spine
(where not blistered) by caustic Issues; they I think
appear to produce a better effect than the blis
:ters. It is the action they occasion more than
the discharge that possibly does good. I have also
continued the use of the Sulphur Fumigations
occasionally with manifest good affect; My
food has been such as you advised neither too
high or low. Animal food milk & vegitables
but I am inclined to believe that a strict adherence
to milk & vegitables would be best while my pulse
is from 90 to 100; what say you. -- before I get out
bed of a morning my pulse is from 76 to 80
but after using a little exercise it gets up to 90
I endeavour to use all the exercise I can on foot
but walking half a mile fatigues me considera
:bly. I have my doubts if exercise does me any good
after being on my feet any length of time I feel
a constant inclination to relieve myself by
supporting my back against something
or an inclination to lie down: I am
almost inclined to believe that I shall never
get well. The most that can be made
of my complaint is that it is a deep seated
obstinate Nervous Affection &is located pri


:marily in the spinal morrow, your conje cture
as to the precise cause I dare say is as plausible
as any that can be advanced. What I propose
doing is to keep up the action of the Isues on
the spine, adhere to that regimen that im
:proves most my general health & strength
maintain an uniform regular state of
bowels & persevere in the exercise, I am a
poor hand at taking medicine, & therefore
if my cure depended on my swollowing a
great quantity of Drugs twould be still worse, by
the by between ourselves I have not as much
faith as we would have our patients have
in their power. pursuing the foregoin g
plan I must [await] the slow but sometimes
more certain operations of Nature, if not
materially better I am certainly not worse or retro
"grading. If you think the work on Jaber Dor
salis can throw any light on my health send
it up by the bearer. There is a feeble state of the vene
real Appetite, tho frequent nocturnal emission
from Dreams. these are however I presume
all consequences attendant on some previous
derangement. I should be glad to hear from you
particularly if you can suggest any thing
to be pursued, & tell me yr opinion of what I have


As a mark of my grattidue for yr att ention
& dispostion to serve me I send you a bar
:rell of Family Flour of John Lewis's manufacture
& a couple of Hams

yrs truly

J,s Minor

Drs Carmichael & Son