Dear Sir

This letter, written by Dr. Minor's request
will be delivered to you by Mr. John Scott. Dr.
Minor desires that you will come up and see him im
-mediately, on Sunday next if possible, or if not on
that day you are prevented by injurious business, that
you come on Monday, or soon as you possibly can. His
health has been bad of late, and he thinks that his
chances for recovery is bad enough: but he is convin
-ced that unless some plan of treatment be adopted,
and rigidly followed, that there is no hope. As he
has more confidence in your skill and judgment
than in that of any other Physicians in this part of
the country, he is induced to apply to you for advice,
and to follow closely whatever course you may think
best: and although you have seen him before, and know
the nature of his case, he thinks, that a more correct
opinion may be formed from seeing him again, than can
be from a letter. The Doctor knows that you must


make a considerable sacrifice of time in visiting him,
and therefore, although it is not customary for Phy-
sicians to make any charge for services rendered to each
other, he is determined to make you a liberal compen
-sation; and it is only on such terms that he wishes
you to see him. As you come up, our house will be on
your way, and if you will call, I will go over with
you to Sunning Hill.

Yours respectfully,

Lewis L. Holladay.

The Doctor expects you and you must not
disappoint him, if you can possibly come.