About four months since I was
attacked with a cutanious affection which
commenc'd near one of my ancles in pint
of size not more than an inch in circumference,
it soon however began to assend and eventually
the whole mass of has since became vitiated. It
was attack'd with sulphur and driven back
to my legs (both legs being in the same situation)
where it has taken a firm stand and seems to
bid deference to the medical faculty in this
section of country. I will here annex a repre-
sentation of one of my legs and pint out the
affected part on both.* The affected parts are at
times much inflam'd and often attended with
intolerable itching, particularly when my blood
has become warm'd by exercise or other causes.
My patience is almost exhausted under the
affliction, and moreover I am rendered wholly
incapable of attending to business by it. unclear
relief therefore is particularly disirable and
I have to crave your aid in obtaining it.
Doct. Foote, my Physician, is of opinion that
sulphur taken internally & applied externally
to the affected part will effect [unclear]
[unclear] have practiced but not the [unclear]


Similarly affected about twelve years ago
[in the opposite parts of my legs] and after taking much medicine & the
application of many remedies [without success,] the affection
yielded almost instantineously, to the application
of cold mud taken from a spring said to be im-
pregnated with sulphur. I will add that I incline
to consider the affection hereditary for my father
was often complaining of such affection, and others
of his family also. the character of the affection
I am not able positively to pronounce, but I incline
to consider it tetes or salt-rheuum. Your advise
on the occasion will confer a very great favor
on Gentlemen

Yrs Most. Respectfully

V Hamburgh

* the half circle on the leg comprehends the
affected part.