Dr E. Carmikle


When I saw you I entended to
have written to you by the last Fridays mail
but as I could perceive no difference in th situation
of my complaint, I deemed it unnessary to write
to you as soon = I have since I saw you continued
to take the pills (according to your prescription) until
Tuesday last when my mouth became a little sore
[unclear] tok one that night and another next morning,
have not taken any since, but shall commence again
as soon as my mouth gets well = The ointment
I have likewise applyed in the manner
you directed, on the sores, on the end of the penis
which look I think a little be The skin I have not
been able to get back yet; perhaps, not as far as
when you saw it; though I have applyed the oint
ment and the caustic to it as well as I could =
The sores on the outside matter very freely; and
so has the other until about two days ago when it
stopped and has since that time looked very dry


and does not matter at all - You will be pleased
to write to me immediately and be very pariculer
in directing me how to prosede - direct your
letter to Malfarm P office

Yours &c

Alexander Chapman

you will write to me before
wednesday next as we have
but one mail per week =
I do not think I have pills
or ointment enough, though
I suppose I can get some of the
same kind of Dr. Richardson
A [C]