Doctors Charmical and Sons.

I arrived at my Brothers on Sunday
evening, on monday morning my little Daughter [Somerville] was
attack'd with a chill attended with a high fever which
continued through the day & night, she complains
of a pain in Her head, & extremieties - on monday
night, I gave Her a dose of Calomel, and salts in
the morning; after the opperation of the medicine
Her fever abated for a few hours, about three
Oclock yesterday, she had another slight chill, since
which she has had a violent fever and Her nerves
so much effected that I fear she will have con-
vulsions - after sleeping she is dreadfully alarm'd
and appears dilireous - I am apprehensive of a
nervous fever - I send my Son down to request the
favour of one of you to visit Her to day if possible
if not you will please prescribe and send me such
medicines as you think proper -

I am gentlemen very respectfully

H.S. Strode