indisposed last evening after you left her & still coninues so, She had
a large discharge of thick green bile from the stomach
after you went away, she was then taken with a sharp pain
in the lower part of her belly, which still continues tho not
so severe, & this morng she has had another very large dis
charge of the same from her stomach. I give her another
injection [after] you left there which had produced a conside
=rable discharge, but did not appear to releive her, I add
=ed to it some Laudanum - her pulse (this morng) is
week & quick - send down a small Vial of Ether with
the Valerian & Tincture of Rheubarb & any directions you
may think her situation requires, I am fearfull her Situ
=ation is a more dangerous one, than you (yesterday)
appeared to think - Her spirits are considerably depressed,
this morng, she slept but little
last night

I am yours respectfully

Henry F. Thornton