My Dear Madam

A short visit from your old
servant (Simon) gives me an opportunity of
writing you a few lines in haste, to beg you
you will be so kind as to explain my case
to Doctor Carmical & get his advice about this
torturing malady [unclear] which I am so often afflic=
ted:- every attack is more and more violent and
my constitution less able to bear them.: I suffered
last week till I became apprehensive that convul
=sive fits would be produced.- Tell him I generally
pass two peices of round gravel which which are
attended with pain that exceeds all I ever felt besides
with a short interval between passing the first and


last gravel.-

I am truly glad to hear that Mary is on the
recovery and shall be glad to hear that her
usual health is well established. Give my love
to her and Fanny and accept for yourself the
sincere good wishes & affectionate regard