Dear Sir,

Mr. Sandy Chapman the bearer of this, has
been for some time past a patient of mine - & in
consequence of a fear of his disease being known by his
fathers family he has prefered to remain in Fredbg
under the care of some physician until he is cured.
I have Sir, recommended him to you -
When I first saw him, there was phymosis, & one large
ulcer on the penum, discharging large quantities
purulent matter, & also a good deal was discharged
from the inside of t [he] prepuce - since that I
have only seen him twice, he now has ulcers
on the outside of the prepuce, which [al] tho, cannot
be called true chancres, I intended to treat as
such, by the use of the blue pill, & extend (local)
merc. applications - it is no doubt a case of pseudo
syphilis -

I am

Very Respectfully

Robt P Richardson