Dear Sir.

Since you left here the spunge tent which you introduced into
the lower part of James's thigh gave him so much pain that he
refused to keep it in longer. I then made one of Cotton thread
which continued in for a few days, until the matter ceas'd
altogether to decend. We have therefore discontinued the tent
Entirely, & pass the bougie twice a day thro the limb, but no
matter at all comes out below, nor do we think the first
abscess yields any; tho there is a considerably quantity. from
a cavity lower down the upper part of the thigh, which, comes
thro' the upper aperture; & an incident exfoliation has taken place
in the bone. a very small piece of which came away with the
matter to day - James's general health is not as good as
when you were here, he has fever every night. & sleeps but
little. except in the morning; his appetite fails him, & debelity
is the consequence. He wishes you to ride up & see him on rec.t
of this Letter - I am Dr Sir

Yr Friend & Servt

Cha Urquhart