Dr. Doct

I returned from Falmouth yesterday between the
hours of 10 & 11 oclock - shortly after my return my little Jon
-ny was taken with a burning fever which continued
for some hours - she told me she had a chill. but I did not
perceive it - she was quite well in the afternoon and [continued] unt il
9 oclock last night when she had a chill and still has a
very high fever she appeared so much convulsed about 2
oclock I was induced to put her in a warm bath - she is
now [getting] in a perspiration - will you advise what you thi nk
is best to give her - I thought an emetic Ipecacuana would
be serviceable or a dose of calomel to night - should
you think it nescessary be kind enough to ride down

W G Gregory

sunday morning