I have defferred sending for medicine
longer than I should have done under
the expectation of being able to get to
town before this time & in consequences
of it have not taken the usual quantity
of Quinine for the two or three last days-
I will thank you for a supply of that, the
tea & the red pills if you think proper.

During the few good days we have had
& I was able to ride out, I felt very much
better, & frequently rode 3 or 6 miles on horse
back without the least fatigue & digested
my food with well - but since the weather
has become cloudy again & I am confined
to [the] house I am not near so well-
Though I dislike very [much] the idea of encoun
turing [unclear] fare after having paid so
much attention to my diet & been humored


in the time & manner of serving it I will
come down & make a trial for a few
days as soon as it is prudent for me to do
so - This now constitutes the only objection with
me to going [to] Town - but up to the 10th or 15
of this month such was my situation & the
worse feelings which accompained it that I do
not think I could have been enduced to
leave home - I now however think I could
undergo the fatique & am anxious to give
you a better opportunity of judging of my
case - though I must express my entire satisfac
tion of your treatment of it & I now flatter
myself that were I under y.r more immediate
care I might possibly recover.

Yr: Obt. Sevt.

E Mason Jr