Messrs Carmichael & Son


Yrs of the 27th
Ultimo was recd Yesterday, a few minutes afterwards
I saw Mrs Oliver. to whom I made its contents
known, She desires me to say that she would have
sent the amt of yr. a/c against her long since
if she had have had an opportunity. The
a/c rendered her while up the Country is
forty eight dollars Sixty two Cents; yr draft on
her is $50. 74/100. if you will explain the differ=
=ence or send me a receipt infull for the first
amt. I will forward it to you in a check on one
of yr Bks. immediately. I had some. conversa
tion with Mr Cunningham relative to yr
claim agt the Est. of J W Tomlin dec.d he has
shewn the a/c to the commissioners who has [have] to settle
his administration upon the Estate & they say
they will not pass it, he would prefer yr sueing
him, & says he will use every exertion to have
it brought to an instant close.

Yrs with respect

Newman W Barnes.

Direct to Hanover Town
If you chuse to employ
a Lawyer you can have
the Suit brought at the next
Superior Court