My Dear Cousin:

We are in a great state of al=
arm, having heard this morning that our neighbor
Mr. Henry Somerville, has the small-pox. He visit=
ed Mr. James Briggs, of Stafford, 14 or 15 days ago,
and there, he supposes got the complaint. He has
removed from this neighborhood to his Father's, so
there is, at this Time, no case here, but not sus-
pecting he had any infectious disorder, Mr. Skin-
ker, & other persons, were with him while his
fever was high, & some appearance of the irruptions
We wish you to come up, and vaccinate our Chil-
dren & negroes, & pursue what course, you think
best, to prevent this disorder from spreading
through our family. I have had the small-pox,
Mr. S-r has been vaccinated, but the children
did not take the vaccination, administered by
you, when you were last here. I am much bet=
ter than I have been for some time, have ta
ken all the red pills, but having felt symptoms


of salivation I have ceased [unclear] blue ones,
until I heard from you. I shall be compelled to
Take some kind of medicine, in place of the pills
I expect Mamma will be in Fredericksburg this
evening, on her way up. Present me in the most
affectionate manner to all my relations, to Sarah
and the children - and accept for yourself the

assurance of my highest Esteem

Mary F Skinker