Dear Sir,

My child still continues very unwell, with
the Dysentery with [marked by] bloody discharges, and considerable
fever only at night. I myself have Just the same
symptoms, commencing however with high fever for
[the first] two days f [with] pain in the back & head & uneasiness
in the breast, and flying pains in the limbs. I have
Given the child calomel as you directed, and am
proceeding with the other medicine. I But think
from the evident marks of bile in the discharges
and frequent vomiting, that there is something
requisite to check the fever during the inter-
-mission. the symptoms seem to be the bilious
fever and dysentery. will you kindly send down
such medicine as is best [adapted] to the circumstances such
as bitters, quinine some more Calomel or
salts or what you think fit for both of us.

in haste,

Yrs Respectfully

Charles R. Battaile

Dr. E. Carmichael Fred g