Dr Sir,

My wife is a most painful &
distressing situation from a swelling in her thigh
extending down to the foot on the affected side of
her body. The swelling came on principally yester=
day - & seems to have taken place at or near the time
of our perceiving a prodigious decrease in the spleen.
which is now comparatively small. her pain is very
great in the inner part of the thigh and about
the os pubis the left side of which is with the
thigh generally extremely swelled. Her urine pass=
es freely - Her fever has not been high. We have
been using camphorated oil with some gutta vita
not knowing what would be best - rubbing the
thigh with that seems to give some temprary ease.
The gutta vita is nearly out. Pray come & see her this
morning if possible

Yr distressed Friend

AM Lewis