Dear Sirs

I have taken one of the bottles of the decoction
last sent & commenced on the other, but have found it so sour
(I presume in consequence of the warm weather) that I have thought
it most prudent to discontinue the use of & have to day sent
Harry for a fresh supply - If you think I could mix it
properly w.d it not be best during this weather to send the
materials with the directions to mix it? I have but three of the
red pills left & must request a supply of them - I had
hoped that before they were gone I? have been able to
get to town - I am very anxious to be near you & shall


avail myself of the very first day that it is prudent for me
to turn out - I am much better & gain strength every day
that I can take enough exercise, but confinement Kills
me up -. my passages are now ab.t two a day - Sometimes
quite natural -

yr: friend & Servt.

E. Mason Jr