On Sunday last my oldest son
(Charles) was taken with slight Chill
about 10 oclock A.M. succeeded by consi
=derable Fever which had scarcely abated by
Monday Moning, at which time, I gave
him a Large dose of Calomel & Jalap
Which operated very well: yesterday
Moning he appeared better, but about 3
oclock P.M. he had a return of fiver but
it did not rise as High as on Sunday. --
This moning he appears Languid Tho nearly
Clear of Fever: I shou'd have given him an
Emetic but have nothing in the House but
some Tartar which I dont believe is good. -

Please prescribe for him, & send by Bob,
Whatever you think best, according to
my bungling description of his Case. --

I am Respectfully you rs

Wm Richardson