Dear Sir,

We hoped that our daughter was
getting much better from the use of the reme
-dies you had prescribed, but for some days
past she has been much worse than she
ever was before - Her indigestion, which for
a long time has been very bad, still continues
as bad or worse than ever - She has no mo
-tion without using some means to produce
one. She sometimes throws up what she
has eaten - She has frequent returns of the
colick, & some attacks are pretty violent. She
complains much of cramp, all over her -
and has frequent returns of the Hystericks -
at such times, her feet & hands are very
cold. Yesterday she had more fever than
she has ever had since she was sick, &
last night com plained of a great thirst.
Her Mother & myself are very uneasy at
her situation, & wish much that you could
come down today & see her, when you would


be better able to judge of her situation, than
by any description I could give of it in writ
-ing. She thinks she received more bene
-fit from the mixture you gave her, than
from any thing she has taken - It has been
out for some days, & we have sent up
the bottle for another supply-


with sincere esteem

Lau. Battaile