Doctor Edward Carmichael

Dr. Sir,

With much pleasure I in
form you what a favorable change has occurred in
my uncle since you saw him - His mind has be-
come active & correct and that sleepy disposition
which existed at that time has been succeeded by
rather too much watchfulness - Since your me-
dicine arrived, he has been more than usually
attentive to directions &has experienced the benefit
in a [unclear] obvious to all. His appetite has
revived with redoubled avidity, & I fear he in-
dulges it too freely. Unfortunately for him, he
appears to measure the powers of his stomach
by too large a standard yet and thinks provided
he does not eat himself into positive sickness
that he is therefore not doing wrong- I daily
perceive some bad effect from over-repletion
heavin up in afternoon - some tendency to diarrhea
headache on waking in morning too. In consi
dering the obstacles to his recovery I have always
viewed this inordinate & obstinate indulgence as the
most formidable, & what is to be regretted my
advice irritates rather than reforms He errs


more in the quantity than the quality of his diet.
The effusion about his feet and ankles has appear
ed greater than when you saw him, but that is
owing to his sitting up more I presume. He
walks in his room as much as his strength will
allow. He thinks his strength improves a little.
He desires me to present his grateful acknow
ledgments to you for the interest manifested in
his case & hopes the [time] will not be distant when
he can accept your polite invitation to spend
some time with you & father in Fredg. With
sentiments of high esteem I am

Your ObtServant

Benj'n F. Stewart