Dr Dr

We were disapointed in not seeing
you here this morning as for promise of yester
=day. We are anxious to know whether you
would approve of taking a little blood from
Mrs Bs arm by way of diverting its present
tendency and relieving her from a head
=ache with which she has suffered a little
very constantly of late both imediately previous
and during her present indisposition
She has only been sensible of motion (and
that very slight) once this morning in the
course of the last three days. She continues
today about as much unwell as we should
expect her to be at the proper period if is
he [a] lth. If you approve bleeding please specify
the quantity and I can operate myself as I
have been accustomed to do when we have
found it necessary to bleed her - In haste

Yrs very resptfly,

Geo Bassett