Dear Sir:

In compliance with Mr Skinker's
request, I take this matter to consult you on the case
of my Dear Finnella, whose situation, for some months
has been such, as to produce the most alarming anx-
iety for her health. When I returned from Rich-
mond in December, I found her labouring under great
debility of body & depression of spirits, which I attri-
buted to the excessive fatigue & anxiety she had ex
perienced, during the tedious illness of her husband.
She has not however recovered in the least from either,
& we are now alarmed by some symptoms, which she
thinks are evidences of an affection of the breast, such
as a distressing hoarseness, great weakness in the breast,
sometimes attended by pain; a sudden obstruction in her res-
piration, followed by a heat & momentary perspiration;
sleepless nights, & no appetite. Perhaps you can send her
a strengthening plaister for her breast, for which & any other
remedy you will prescribe, we will be greatly obliged to you
Mr. Skinker will pay the pecuniary part of the debt, on pre-
sentation of you bill. Present me if you please, most affection


to Sister Carmichael, & the rest of the family; & accept
the assurance of my warmest friendship & esteem


Dr. James Carmichael
By Davy

PS. Mrs Skinker's youngest child has been weaned six
months--I think change of air & scene would benefit her
if you would recommend an excursion from home, I know
it would have considerable weight with Mr. S. I write in
such haste, & with ink so diluted, that I fear I shall not
make myself intelligible. Tell Nell if this should be the
case, she must help you to decipher, as she is accustomed to my