Dear Edward

Your favor of the 19th
Inst came to hand by mail, & I feel satisfied
from your statement that your mare is sound
& girth, & therefore fit for my purpose -
under this impression [unclear] ded to offer
you the $100 payable a bout [unclear] 14 May ensuing -
If I can get the money from B Barnett of
Culpeper, I will pay it at once - In this
neighborhood, such is the scarcity of money, that
I do not think $100 could be collected even
by force of arms; & Doctors, you Know, are
always put off to the last -- Should it suit
you to accept this offer, you will please write
me by return of mail & if an opportunity occurs,
I will by obliged [to you] to send the mare down to this
place -

Yr Friend & C

Chs. Urquhart